Murder Mystery Fairy Tales

Cupid is the embodiment of love. When falling in love, people often say they have been struck by Cupid's arrow, but what if we got it all wrong? What if being shot in the heart didn't release love, but ended it?

When the bodies of a newlywed couple are discovered on the eve of their honeymoon, the nature of the crime scene has Lieutenant Kristen Anderson questioning if the arrows penetration their hearts were just a coincidence or was this the killer's calling card.

This is book three of A Fairy Tale Murder series.          - Available soon through online distributors!


 Everyone knows the story of Humpty but who knows what happened before he fell? No one asked questions like did he really fall, or was he pushed?

Lieutenant Kristen Anderson is asking those questions after the body of Howard Dumpt is discovered in front of City Hall. In asking those questions, she uncovers a secret so threatening, it can put her life and the lives of those she loves, at risk.

 This is Book Two of A Fairy Tale Murder series.          - Available soon through Online distributors!

Murder Mystery Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales are those stories that get told from generation to generation so much so that they become legends. The problem with a legend is that it becomes tainted by the story's victor to the point that what is told is never really what happened.

When the body of R.J. Wolf is discovered, it is up to Homicide Lieutenant Kristen Anderson to dive deep into the bowels of the city to find his killer. In her quest for justice, she discovers a drug-ring so powerful that it gets her closer than anyone has ever come to uncovering the true identity of the city’s most powerful drug lord, The Fairy Godmother.

 This is Book One of A Fairy Tale Murder series.

Gay Fiction

It’s the summer of 1957 and Nathan is ready to get away from home to start working for his future. And what better way than to join the rail yard in Lakefield, Ontario? Hoping for some new experiences and a change of scenery, Nathan gets more than he bargains for.

His cabin mate and co-worker, Alex, is helpful in showing Nathan around, but there’s something unique about him that keeps Nathan captivated. Stolen glances and close encounters soon lead to unfamiliar feelings between the two of them. But as they sort out their emotions, Nathan must confront painful scars that resurface from the past.

Canadian Author

Matthew Freake