Well, that's the official line, but we are all so much more than a three sentenced bio. I enjoy many things in life and very much life itself. I find nature to be extremely inspirational and look for the little things that stand out in my mind.
I hope to write to my heart's content, about a wide variety of subjects, making my audience laugh, cry, and feel that warm glow in their hearts that I often feel after reading a beautiful work of art. Being a proud Canadian Author, I always strive to have Canadian content in my stories and am always inclusive of the gay community through content or characters.
I have always lived a rather creative life, finding outlets for my creativity, be it theatre, music, photography or the written word. Ever since a small boy I have been writing small tales of adventure and woe and have decided to commit myself to writing as my official artistic form, while dabbling with other mediums from time to time.
I have also been involved with two non-profit organizations during my time in Windsor, Ontario. I served on the executive for the Windsor Community Choir, having performed with them for Seven seasons, as both an ensemble member as well as a tenor soloist. I also served on the board of directors for The Crosstown Players, a LGBT theatre troupe in Windsor. Now that I am back in my hometown of Kitchener, I am working with other non-profit organizations as a volunteer.
​Matthew Freake is an avid lover of books and storytelling in all forms, including theatre. He has won awards for set and costume design with the dramatic presentations of A Gap in Generations by Jerry Blunt and A Bird of Prey by Jim Grimsley. For the latter, he was also awarded for exceptional directing. He has self-published a short story series named A Fairy Tale Murder and his novel Forbidden is available through most book retailers.

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Matthew Freake